If I could just sound like….
...Deadmau5, Marshmello, Maceo Plex, Noisia, Yellow Claw, Jauz, Martin Garrix, Skrillex, Chainsmokers, Tchami, KSHMR, Diplo...
Have you ever felt like that? 
Like if you just had their sound, then everything else you want would fall into place. 

You know when you write a new track, and you are all excited about it, then you compare it to some of your favorite producers, and it makes you want to give up. It's the worst. It feels like no matter what you write, it will never sound comparable. This makes you hate your song, and stop working on it. Worse still, sometimes you delete it from existence. 

I know how you feel. When I was starting out, I often felt the same way. However, I am here to tell you that it is 100% achievable. It’s not even as hard as you might think. You just need the right coach. 

That's where I come in... 
A Bit About Me
I'm now a successful producer with 17 years experience in the game, multiple #1 records, toured 33 countries, and I've signed record deals with Spinnin, Fools Gold, Hysteria, Ministry Of Sound, Toolroom, Sony, Defected, Universal, CR2, Mixmash, Definitive, and more.
My Students Are Succeeding Too
They now have releases on Spinnin, Armada, Garuda, Showland, Be Yourself, Brooklyn Fire, Run DBN, Vicious, Tiger, Fated, Redrum, Full Tilt, Eyes On You, & Intimate.

They’ve also received support on their music from Tiesto, David Guetta, Markus Shulz, Laidback Luke, Dannic, Sander Van Doorn, Tommy Sunshine, Swanky Tunes, Stanton Warriors, Timmy Trumpet, and Danny Rampling

Some have even performed with Flo Rida, Markus Schulz, SCNDL, and hit top 5 positions on charts in Digital Music Pool.  
"Our sessions have shown me ways to develop a next level sound "
"I can't thank you enough man! Our sessions have shown me ways to develop a next level sound and build a great network. I'm more motivated than ever and I have to thank you for that as well. Thanks for helping me kick ass now and in the future man" - Promise
"I finally started signing tracks on labels"
“After watching hundreds hours of tutorials and "In the studio with..." videos I realized I reached the plateau and I needed to do something different to level up my skills. That's crazy how much the quality of my music improved since I became a part of this program and I finally started signing tracks on labels instead of hearing endless "Sorry, not for us". Also Bass Kleph is an awesome person and I always enjoy talking to him. After an hour talk I have a lot of ideas, tasks and action points that I can implement immediately.” - ALDOR
Do you want to learn how to...
  • Get that powerful, crisp, and professional sound to your music. 
  • Balance and glue your Kick & Bass together for a massive yet controlled low end
  • Finish tracks that you are proud to send to big labels, and improve your chances of getting signed.
  • Get professional feedback on your music from my professional ears. Not only that, but step by step instructions on exactly how to finish it. Musically, sonically, and release strategy.
  • Double your music output, and finish each track faster.
  • Accelerate your learning, bypass the slow experimenting stage, and learn all the secret tips the fast way.
  • Define your own sound, make your songs unique and memorable.
  • Successfully promote your own free releases on a large scale
  • Connect and network with big artists no matter where you live
  • Easily connect with blogs/youtube channels for exposure
  • Release on Spotify and Apple Music whenever you want
  • Break out of the average and become exceptional
"Bass Kleph has shown me these tiny little tricks that absolutely make the difference"
"It's easy to reach a good level as a producer, but to get great at what you do it needs a lot of effort and knowledge. Bass Kleph has shown me these tiny little tricks that absolutely make the difference between a good producer and a great one! It's possible to work on your own tracks and learn from him by screen-sharing. It's like you have him sitting next to your computer! This is the stuff that sticks into your brain, the best training program I've ever attended!" - Sonic Snares
It's Like Having Me In Your Studio
What if i could come to your house, sit down in your studio, and we could work on a track together. I could show you exactly what you are doing wrong, how you could improve it, and how to sound like your favorite artist/s. 

Of course, I can’t actually come to your place, but we can actually do this very well over the internet. 

We will use special video software to share our screens, DAWs, and audio. You will be able to hear the techniques i demonstrate as you see them. I will request stems of your song/s and show you how to mix them. We will also take a look at your session, and see what you are doing well, and what is holding you back.

This training has proven to work for all skill levels, and all genres. I have students that write Electro, Techno, Drum n Bass, Tech House, Dubstep, Future Bass, Bass House, Moombahton, Progressive, Future House, Leftfield, and more. Some have released on labels like Armada, and others are just starting out. 

It runs for a minimum of 4 sessions. I think we need at least 4 to start making an lasting impact. Yet you can continue on after for as long as you like (most people do). These sessions can be scheduled as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 

"I can honestly say that this was the best decision I could have possibly made"
"After being in the program for over two months now I can honestly say that this was the best descision I could have possibly made to enhance my production skills and knowledge of the business in general. Bass Kleph does an amazing job of explaining his approach to producing tracks and dives into a vast amount of detail when discussing/working with each element of a track. What I learned in this program in such a short amount of time is invaluable and would have taken me months or even years to learn on my own. I could't be happier with my decision to sign up for this program. p.s. Stu is a really cool, interesting guy too, which makes the program that much more fun" - Borlini
Features Of The Mentor Program
  • 4x One on one video calls where we will custom tailor a program to help you get to the next level. 
  • Video calls enable 2 way screen & audio sharing to demonstrate techniques in Ableton etc, and see your DAW too.
  • 10x Free Soundcloud re-posts to my network of 170,000+ followers. Valued at $290
  • Lifetime free access to The Inner Circle. Featuring video tips taken from other members sessions. These tips are organised for easy access to your topic of interest, and there is also a private forum & Facebook group to connect, network and grow with other members and myself. Valued at $348 per year. 
  • A free copy of my course Simple Sonic Secrets. Learn powerful tips to improve and speed up your mixdowns. Valued at $49
  • Unlimited VIP email communication with me through out each week.
  • Ability to record our session so you can reference them later
  • Your own personal online folder where we can share audio, projects, music and more
  • Goals set for the month, the year, and beyond!
  • A road map to get you there as fast as possible
  • Advice on how to continue to progress even after the mentoring
  • Opportunity to continue with mentoring afterwards. You'll get priority before new signups.
"I haven't learned such simplicity that has improved my artist ability like this ever!"
"Thank you so much for the last month it has been quite a blessing. I haven't learned such simplicity that has improved my artist ability like this ever! I will renew the mentor program within this week!!" - Patrick Holmes
Watch this video snippet taken from one of my sessions
How to know when to tune your kick.
This is a subject that there seems to be a lot of confusion over. Here I explain why you rarely ever need to tune your kick, and if you do, it should most often be for sonic impact reasons, not melodic ones.
"my remix and original are going to be signed"
"Hey dude, just wanted to share the good news and say thanks :) My remix of Aldor’s “Save Me” is going to be signed to the original label, Eyes On You (Artist Intelligence Agency)! On top of that, it looks like my year-old original track “Intimate” is going to be signed too which is a huge deal for me!" - Gotifoo
"Bass Kleph's knowledge is second to none"
"Bass Kleph's knowledge is second to none. Video calls and email's alway explaining everything very clearly that help bring my productions onto the next level. A pleasure to work with and look forward to future projects with him." - Majestic Audio
Join The Waiting List 
First Name
Email Address
Got A Question?
Will it be you personally mentoring?
Yes indeed!
How many people in a class?
It's one on one, so it will be just you and me.
When will it start?
Whenever you want. It will be a 4 week course from the day you choose your first lesson. If you would prefer to start in a few weeks time, it's no problem, but book in asap before there is no space left.
How many 1 on 1 video call sessions?
You will get 4 sessions for this price. They can either be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Up to you. 
Can I do weekly / bi-weekly / monthly?
Yes, you can choose whatever frequency works best for you and your schedule.
How does the video calling work?
The video calls are via some software called ZOOM. It's an easy to use meeting software I purchased that is free for you to use. It lets you play me music from your DAW, and record our sessions on your computer for later referencing.
What times are available?
Whenever you want (within reason). I travel a lot, but my students are all over the world. We just find a time match using my special online scheduling software. It's super easy.
Can i extend the course for many months?
Absolutely. Current students will have the priority of place for next month over new students. Some students have been going since October 2016!
"His mix analysis was spot on"
"The Bass Kleph mentorship program definitely exceeded my expectations. My biggest improvement was in the speed at which I finish tracks, which was really slowing down my production progress in general. His mix analysis was spot on, & properly adjusting the levels in all my tracks is going to really help my productions moving forward. Looking forward to testing his mastering service in the future, and will continue to pay for his mix analysis' for the foreseeable future" - Jaguar Nights
"I'm making music faster and better now"
"The Mentoring program gave me so much good information that I'm always using. Just being able to ask any question and have an answer is perfect and helped me so much. I feel like I'm making music faster and better now because of the program" - Walkabout 
"I can't recommend it strongly enough!"
"Really great mentoring program overall. My production skills and my knowledge of the electronic-music business have definitely improved. My motivation is at an all-time high after these sessions. Can't recommend it strongly enough!"- Dash Colorado
"he helped me with my problem points of mixing"
"Bass Kleph is an amazing mentor! Very talented and professional in all aspects of the production process. Not only did he help me with my problem points of mixing and arrangement, but he dropped a TON of knowledge on the business and marketing side of dance music! I would highly recommend his mentor sessions to any aspiring producer, beginner to advanced!" - Alex Ink